Cost and Funding

Session Fees: £110.00. Sessions are 50 minutes, start and finish on time with 48 hours cancellation notice.

Self Funding:  Payment is due 48 hours before your appointment time and made by bank transfer for remote working or by credit card or direct debit at the begining of each face to face session. Session fees are reviewed with you at the beginning of each year and may increase.  

Benefator Funding: If someone has offered to pay for your session(s) on your behalf the session fee remains your responsibility to pay within the terms of the contract for psychotherapeutic services.

Health insurance funded sessions:  Your health insurance policy may cover a limited number of sessions for psychotherapy, counselling or CBT. These sessions may be authorised by your health insurance provider. If eligible, you will be given an authorisation number and an agreed maximum number of sessions.  These details will be used to invoice your health insurance provider on your behalf. You may have to pay an excess on your policy and, if so, you may be advised to pay me directly for the amount. You remain responsible for any shortfall or non-payment. Paying your excess promptly will be gratefully appreciated.

Reporting and referral letters:  In the event that a health professional may request a report about your psychological sessions or if I spend time in clinical or legal discussion about your psychological treatment you may be required to pay £110.00 per hour in addition to your session costs.  If clinical or legal professional(s) require a report from me the cost for producing a reasonable length/content report is £180.00 payable prior to completion.  All written content of documentation will be discussed with you and any fees for work you have asked me to carry out on your behalf will be agreed in advance.


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