1. Session frequency and duration: Sessions are weekly and last 50 minutes they start and finish promptly.

  2. Session fees: £110.00 per session.  Fees are reviewed with you at the beginning of each year and may increase.

  3. Number of sessions: Following an assessment you may agree to one of the following

    1. You have agreed to an open ended contract with regular reviews and to give a 4 week notice period to stop sessions.
    2. You have agreed to a number of sessions including a review.
  4. a. Payment: You remain solely responsible for paying the full amount of your session fees for sessions attended, missed without notice, missed with late notice or partially attended and for any reporting/referral letters requested and agree to prompt payment.

    b. Self Funding: Fees are paid in by credit or debit card at the beginning of each session or bank transfer for remote working. If someone else is funding your sessions, you remain responsible for providing payment 48 hour prior to the beginning of each session.
    c. Health Insurance Provider: I will invoice your health insurance provider directly for sessions: attended, missed without notice, missed with late notice or partially attended and they will pay me directly on your behalf.  Please be aware there may be an excess on your policy or unsettled amount which your health insurance provider may advise you to settle with me directly. In the event your health insurance provider refuses to pay for your session(s) you remain solely responsible for payment in full. In the event your health insurance provider declines payment for invoices raised against sessions described in 4a (above) you agree to prompt payment of the full amount outstanding within 28 days of the invoice date.
    d. Payment for Reporting/Referral letters: In the event that a health professional requests a report; or you request my time, outside of your agreed session, in clinical discussion about your psychological treatment you may be required to pay £110.00 per hour in addition to your session costs.  If clinical, health or legal professional(s) require a report from me the cost for producing a resonable length/content report is £225.00 payable prior to completion.  All written content of documentation will be discussed with you and any fees for work you have asked me to carry out on your behalf will be agreed and paid in advance.

  5. Payment arrangements: Please pay by bank transfer for online working or debit/credit cardpayment at the beginning of each session unless we have an agreement for me to invoice your health insurace company.  Fees are payable 48 hours before your appointment.

  6. Cancellation Notice Period: You agree to give 48 hours’ notice to cancel your session(s).

Working Agreement

Entering therapy is an investment in time, money and emotional energy. At the beginning there is often both relief and anxiety.  Sometimes it is difficult to remember what was said and what agreements were made with your therapist. The following information will have been given to you at your assessment or your first session. This is written confirmation of that information.


Your sessions will take place on the same day/time and will finish on time. You need to book and agree each session in advance by appointment. If you are unable to attend your session: When feasible and appropriate we will try to arrange an alternative time, within the same week.

Clinics are held in Finchampstead and Wokingham. If for any reason you are unable to attend an appointment or are running late, please do let me know on 07740 587822.

Working hours:  Monday to Wednesday 10am-5pm. Clinics are held on Thursdays and Fridays 8am to 5pm. I am able to respond to you Monday-Wednesday. During clinics I reserve the right to not take calls or answer correspondance. Outside your consultaion time contact with me may be agreed by prior arrangement only. 


All sessions will be conducted in the strictest confidence and this confidence will be maintained, and applied to any and all written records, in accordance with the GDPR, except in the following instances:

1. Where the client gives consent for the confidence to be broken. e.g. contacting your GP.

2. Where the therapist is compelled by a court of law.

3. Where the information “is of such gravity that confidentiality cannot be maintained” e.g. where there is a case of harm to self, children or others, in cases of drug trafficking or acts of terrorism.

4. Where, in line with professional requirements and guidelines, counsellors and therapists will discuss counselling sessions with a supervisor. In this process, the client's identity is anonymised.

All written records will be held for 7 years.


Please read here for more information about your privacy

A note on technology: My preferred method of communication is to speak, as fewer miscommunications occur, I do accept text (SMS) and email messages. I do not communicate via social media applications eg whatsapp. However, please don’t assume that if you have left a message on my voicemail/email/text that I have received it. I will respond to you within workng hours on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 10am-5pm. If you have not had a reply from me please assume I haven’t received your message and try again.


Remote working 


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